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21,26 EUR*
Details Nancy Drew Girl Detective (Boxed Set): Sleuth Set: Without a Trace; A Race Against Time; False Notes; High Risk (Nancy Drew (All New) Girl Detective)

Nancy Drew Girl Detective Sleuth Set The first four all-new mysteries featuring Nancy Drew that were introduced in Spring 2004 are now available in this boxed set. Includes "Without a Trace, A Race Against Time, False Notes," and "High Risk."

15,67 EUR*
Details How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish Without a Trace

How to Disappear From the world's preeminent people finder--an insider's guide to disappearing. Written by the world's leading experts on finding people and helping people avoid being found, this resource covers everything from tools for disappearing ...

32,99 EUR*
Details Progress: Can We Do Without It?

Progress We are experiencing progress, but as an idea it seems inadequate. The author traces the history of an idea and takes us on a journey through revolution, communism, Nazism, social democracy, and globalization. He argues that it is only by ...

9,11 EUR*
Details Breaking Point

Breaking Point There is a killer loose on the London Underground. He kills without leaving any forensic trace, and seemingly without motive. Genecrime, the UK's elite forensic unit, are stretched to the limits trying to find one usable clue. And there ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Seesaw

Take an ordinary, well-off family like the Prices. Watch what happens when one Sunday seventeen-year-old Hannah disappears without a trace. See how the family rallies when a ransom note demands half a million pounds for Hannah's safe return. But it's ...

12,77 EUR*
Details Twenty Thousand Saints

Archaeologist Deian returns to the island of his childhood, where his mother disappeared without a trace. Sister Viv, closet heretic and host of the annual conference of hermits, has erected a gold plaque in her memory, declaring her official ...

14,05 EUR*
Details Mary's Little Lamb

A lunatic has escaped from an asylum, someone who had never been allowed to attend his local public school. The teacher of the school has disappeared, just vanished without a trace. Two retired university professors have been killed at their doorstep ...

13,86 EUR*
Details Never Let Go

Never Let Go Confusion, fury, and disbelief filled Rucker McClure's soul when he saw his wife across the airport waiting room. A year ago, Dinah had vanished without a trace, but he'd never stopped looking for her, never given up hope - until now ...

6,38 EUR*
Details The Humming Machine

Great-grandpa Toby is making so much noise! And if Tam can hear the clamour coming from his humming machine, the fairies will too. And soon enough, on the night of a blue moon, Great-grandpa Toby vanishes without a trace. While battling nightmarish ...

12,35 EUR*
Details Dark Hollow

"Something very strange is happening in LeHorn's Hollow... " Eerie, piping music is heard late at night, and mysterious fires have been spotted deep in the woods. Women are vanishing without a trace overnight, leaving behind husbands and families ...

10,17 EUR*
Details An Almighty Conspiracy: A novel, a thriller, four people doing the unexpected

A man sitting beside a detective in a bar in New York is murdered. Another man, whose warning saved the detective's life, disappears without a trace. A conman and a former Miss USA contestant form a relationship that's trusting and deceiving at the ...

9,60 EUR*
Details Paying for the Past: My true life crime story

Everyone knows the extent of their crime...but only one man knows where they are. September 1975. Jim Miller and John Bellord, two wealthy men of impeccable character, fly to France and disappear without a trace. A blackmailed bishop, forgery, faked ...

10,25 EUR*
Details The Cocktail: That Is What Cured My Colon Cancer

The Cocktail Never before have I witnessed such a manifestation of Divine Power than the one I experienced. My malignant tumor miraculously disappeared without leaving a trace, hence there was no need for my surgeon to use his scalpel. How could I not ...

11,99 EUR*
Details Minky 3D-Power-Reinigungstücher - Packung mit 2

Absorption pockets remove dirt without a trace. Traps dirt. Easy to rinse. 3D profile. The Minky 3D Power Cleaning Cloth performs brilliantly well. Used wet or dry, its unique absorption pockets pick up and trap dirt - making it ideal for wiping ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Heartless: Number 7 in series (Pretty Little Liars, Band 7)

Four gorgeous girls are telling very ugly stories. First Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer claimed they found a dead body in the woods behind Spencer's house, only to have it vanish without a trace. Then, when the same woods went up in flames, they ...

28,99 EUR*
Details Jasmine and the Lamp of Spells

After three children mysteriously vanish from their village without a trace, sorcery is suspected. Eleven-year-old Jasmine is warned by her father to not stray far from home, but when she learns she is targeted to become the fourth missing child, she ...